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  • What is WildStar C.R.E.D.D?

    WS C.R.E.D.D is the abbreviation of WildStar Certificate of Research, Exploration, Destruction and Development. This is the item issued by the official which can be exchanged with other players for WildStar Gold. In return, those who do not want to pay the monthly fee can sell their gold for CREDD and pay for the subscription fee.

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Upcoming of Wildstar Rune and Attunement System

source Rune system revamp     1.Player don’t like the random slots on gear. We are going to tier out the number of slots based on the quality and source of the item.    2.Previously blue item can roll 1-4 slots and there is a lot of variance.    3.From now on, dungeon/adventure blues will always have 3 slots but they will be random typ...


How to use Wildstar Macros to guide your team easy and convenient

The Macros is common in online game, usually it aims to simplify cumbersome steps. In Wildstar, the Marcros didn’t has various function as i imagined. And the official didn’t claim these instruction are available. Now, the is the user interface instruction list   Under normal conditions, the order can type in Chat Channel you still can type in Macros. For example, /s hello!, /follow, chara...


How to acquire the Silver Medal and Golden Medal from Veteran Dungeons

In the previous article, we have introduced the Golden requirement of Wildstar Veteran Adventures. Today, we would like to introduce the detailed information about Veteran Dungeons. While, you need to practice your operation skill because Veteran Dungeons is more difficult than Veteran Adventures. Stormtalon’s Lair Stormtalon’s Lair is the easiest one in four Veteran dungeon. I had watched the v...


Wildstar Esper DPS Skills Test - Mind Burst Vs Telekinetic Storm

If you have experienced Esper in Wildstar, you would know this class has two DPS skills, Mind Burst and Telekinetic Storm. These two skills need add up to 5PP so that can maximize the DPS. The Mind Burst is primarily to increase 15% critical hit over 7.5 seconds, Telekinetic Storm is primarily to ignore 25% block of enemy,which can add to 4 times. So, which is the best DPS skill for Esper? I ha...


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Greeting adventure, the new patch of Wildstar is coming, welcome to share your unique and interesting story with us through FACEBOOK Community. As long as you post the story, pictures, video or other element about Wildstar Sabotage you can get big discount as the prize. Why not have a try?   As long as you purchase Wildstar Gold from our store you would notice the price in our store is the ...