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  • What is WildStar C.R.E.D.D?

    WS C.R.E.D.D is the abbreviation of WildStar Certificate of Research, Exploration, Destruction and Development. This is the item issued by the official which can be exchanged with other players for WildStar Gold. In return, those who do not want to pay the monthly fee can sell their gold for CREDD and pay for the subscription fee.

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Wildstar Silver Veteran Skullcano Guide - Mordechai Redmoon Boss Kill 10 Minutes

The Wildstar has been released almost 2 months, when we are complaining about the high difficulty about the raid, there is am amazing video about how to finish Veteran Skullcano within 10 minutes. From this video, we can notice the team is easy to complete all task. How could they do that? Now, let’s learn from this video!     Goal Skullcano Silver Medal: -Complete all optional quest...


The Wildstar Gold exchange CREDD Issues

As for my personal experience, the CREDD is a good existence in Wildstar. Basically, my monthly consumption i can exchange through this system. We all know, the exchange rate is floating and different server has different rate. Now, in the Prego server, the exchange rate is 460 wildstar gold.     There are two methods you can buy CREDD. 1, To purchase directly, 2.To post purchase or...


Wildstar New PvP Battleground in Sabotage: Daggerstone Pass

Next big update Sabotage revealed in Wildstar! The Carbine Studios has unveiled today the latest update coming to Wildstar called Sabotage which is the second content drop for the game. Now, we are glad to introduce the new content of PvP map here. Daggerstone Pass is a 15v15 battleground with the objective being to destroy the other team’s fusion core. After you at level 30 that you can access...


Wildstar Trigger Fingers AMPs Location Map - Making Gold with Trading

In the Wildstar, you can’t purchase all classes’ AMP point from vendor. You should acquire some AMP point through monster drop. As we all know, the most expensive AMP for now is the Trigger Fingers. The market price of Trigger Fingers almost above 1500 Wildstar gold. Although the other AMPs are not so expensive, the average price beyond hundreds gold. So, how can we get these AMPs? Now, we have c...


The Best DPS Build for Wildstar Stalker

In the Wildstar PVE, the Stalker single damage is the best. I have experienced three classes, one is Esper, the another is Spellslinger. On the speed of leveling up, Stalker would be the fastest! Now, i’m glad to share my Build share with you. First, if Stalker want to maximize the DPS need the continuous Suit Power to support it. This build today i shared is about recovering Suit Power as the fi...